Reference types and formats

There are 20 different resource types and 120 resource formats. Each resource format has a customized form for adding relevant data. Also, each resource can be nominated as 'hardcopy', online' or database; effectively creating 360 different forms. These forms greatly enhance the accuracy of citations and bibliographies. 


Resource type Resource format
Archival material Collection of letters
Archival material Historical magazine article
Archival material Historical newspaper article
Archival material Historical publication
Archival material Letter
Archival material Photographs
Archival material Recorded interview
Archival material Transcription of a recorded interview
Archival material Unpublished written material
Article Magazine article
Article Newspaper article
Article Student essay or paper
Article Unpublished manuscript
Article Working Paper
Book Authored book
Book Book volume in series
Book Classic work
Book Dictionary entry
Book Edited book
Book Encyclopaedia entry
Book Section or chapter in book
Book Section or chapter in book volume
Communication Brochure or marketing material
Communication Email, Fax, Letter or Memo
Communication Interview
Communication Lecture, seminar, speech or debate
Communication Media release
Conference material Conference presentation
Conference material Conference proceedings
Conference material Section in conference proceedings
Conference material Symposium or seminar presentation
Creative work Ancient text
Creative work Artwork
Creative work Creative work in series
Creative work Manuscript - creative work
Creative work Sheet music
Dataset Catalogue
Dataset Data series
Generic All
Image Advertisement
Image Chart
Image Equation
Image Exhibit
Image Figure
Image Map
Image Picture
Image Plan
Image Screen clip
Image Table
International material Treaty
International material UN official document
Internet material Blog, forum or social media post
Internet material Web or wiki page
Journal material Abstract only in journal
Journal material Book review in journal
Journal material Editorial in journal
Journal material Journal article
Journal material Journal article forthcoming
Journal material Letter in journal
Journal material Monograph in journal
Journal material Special issue of journal
Journal material Special section of journal
Journal material Supplemental journal material
Judicial material Arbitration
Judicial material Legal case
Judicial material Procedure, direction or note
Judicial material Submission to case
Judicial material Transcript of proceedings
Judicial material Unreported decision
Legislative material Bill
Legislative material Committee report
Legislative material Constitution
Legislative material Debate
Legislative material Delegated legislation
Legislative material Evidence to committee or hearing
Legislative material Explanatory statement or note
Legislative material Gazette
Legislative material Order or rule
Legislative material Rule of non-government entity
Legislative material Statute
Note or notebook Briefing note or notebook
Note or notebook Client note or notebook
Note or notebook General note or notebook
Note or notebook Presentation handout
Note or notebook Project note or notebook
Note or notebook Research note or notebook
Note or notebook Study note or notebook
Performance Ballet
Performance Choir
Performance Concert
Performance Dance
Performance Musical
Performance Opera
Performance Play
Report or plan Consulting report
Report or plan General report
Report or plan Government report
Report or plan Project plan
Report or plan Research report
Report or plan Technical report
Report or plan White paper
Software or equipment Apparatus
Software or equipment Instrument
Software or equipment Software program
Technical material Grant application
Technical material Handbook
Technical material Patent application
Technical material Patent granted
Technical material Standard
Technical material Work policy or procedure
Thesis or dissertation Dissertation
Thesis or dissertation Thesis
Video or audio Microfilm
Video or audio Motion picture
Video or audio Music
Video or audio Podcast or webinar
Video or audio Radio program
Video or audio Recorded advertisement
Video or audio Television program
Video or audio Video
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