Searching Google Scholar


Google Scholar does not provide any means for us to include their data within ComWriter, so you will need to go directly to Google Scholar to search for items you require.


Finding articles in Google Scholar

1. After you have entered your search criteria and selected the item you want, click on the 'Cite' button underneath the entry

2. When the cite menu opens, go to the bottom and click 'Refworks' and the data for the selected entry will be added to your downloads (as a .ris file type)




Importing data from Google Scholar

3. Follow the instructions for Importing Research Material to import your data file (as a .ris file type)

4. Always check the imported data as we cannot guarantee that Google has stored it correctly



  • You can search your research material using 'endnote', 'zotero', 'mendeley', 'papers', 'WOK' or 'Google scholar' as we store 'source' as system-source data on each record.


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