Viewing research material

Research material can be viewed by examining:

  • Project bibliographies
  • Collections of research material
  • All my research material


To view research material:

1. Click on the research tab

2. 'View' is the default on the navigation pane for this page

3. Your default style guide will display here. 



Next, select the bibliography that you wish to view:

4. Projects: displays the bibliography for the individual project

5. Collections: displays the research material added to the collection

6. View all my material: displays all reference data



To change the view, on the right-hand side of the Research tab there are various dop lists that enable you to change the viewing criteria:

7. Display: default (basic data), footnotes (formatted), references (formatted), in-text citations (formatted)

8. Filter: the default is 'All', or you can select any one of the twenty resource types

9. Sort: by author (a-z or z-a), by title (a-z, or z-a), by year published (old first or recent first)

10. Search field: when you use the search bar you can nominate which field (all, abstract, author, keywords, title, or publication name) you wish the search to look in.

11. After changing any of the drop lists, click the green spy glass to activate the change of display


 Example of a project bibliography displaying 'References'




  • Check your project bibliography for editing errors by using the 'Display / References' before exporting or completing your project.
  • In-text citations are only relevant for style Guides that use this citation style.
  • 'Display / Footnotes' for a style that uses in-text citations, will show citations in brackets for footnotes.
  • The Style Guide for a project or Collection will use the style contained in the settings. Click on the cog next to the project or collection name if you wish to alter this setting.
  • 'View all my material' will display using the default style guide.


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