How do I number appendices?

Appendices (plural) go at the end of the document as an 'appendage'. It is generally assumed that there are multiple appendices, so the first heading is 'Appendices'. After this, the headings adopt outline numbering with an alpha prefix for each Appendix (singular).

It is advisable to consider what the headings will look like in a Table of Contents; so 'Appendices' are generally at the same heading level as a 'chapter' (or major section).

Heading level Text/Number  
1 Appendices  
2 Appendix A. Name First appendix
3 A1. Heading Text Sub-section
4 A1.1. Heading Text Sub-sub-section
5 A1.1.1. Heading Text Sub-sub-sub-section
2 Appendix B. Name Second appendix
3 B1. Heading Text Sub-section
4 B1.1. Heading Text Sub-sub-section
5 B1.1.1. Heading Text Sub-sub-sub-section

If you have only one appendix, then the 'Appendices' heading is not required.

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