How can I add curly quotation marks?

Modern keyboards generally only include 'straight' quotation marks rather than ‘curly’ quotation marks, because it only requires a single key rather than left and right keys. If the keyboard were to default to using curly quotes (by adding more keys), there would be a problem with typing abbreviations like can't or I'm, because they need a 'straight' mark. Keyboard manufacturers have, therefore, opted to default to straight quotes as they are regarded as 'modern' typography. However, publishers and printers prefer the use of ‘curly’ quotes.

The way around this is to use shortcut keys to produce curly quotes. The following excerpt from a blog post from Chris Bracco (2013) is helpful in this regard.

How to Use Curly Quotes on Mac OSX and Windows


Source: [Accessed 28 April, 2018]

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