Bible references (Chicago)

A bibliography entry for the bible is not required. You cannot create a citation automatically, because there is a wide range of possibilities, and the bibliographic record is not present.

Here are some common citations for footnotes:

  • 2 Kings 11:8 (New Revised Standard Version)
  • 1 Cor, 6:1-10 (NRSV)
  • 2 Sm 11:1-17, 11:26-27; 1 Chr 10:13-14
  • Jo 5:9-12; Mt 26:2-5
  • Heb. 13:18, 13:12
  • Gen. 25:19-36:43
  • 1 Thess. 4:11, 5:2-5, 5:14


  1. Use the abbreviated name for the specified chapter (e.g., Jo, Cor, Kings, Sm)
  2. Chapter and verse 12:13 (don't use page numbers)
  3. Add a comma between discontinuous verses; e.g., Sm 11:1-17, 11:26-27
  4. Use a semi-colon between different pinpoints in the same reference (e.g., 2 Sm 11:1-17, 11:26-27; 1 Chr 10:13-14)
  5. Add the edition name in full the first time use cite (New Revised Standard Version). Next time add the abbreviation (NSRV)


Abbreviations for the Old Testament

Amos or Am Amos
1 Chron. or 1 Chr 1 Chronicles
2 Chron. or 2 Chr 2 Chronicles
Dan or Dn Daniel
Duet. or Dt Deuteronomy
Eccels. or Eccl Ecclesiastes
Esther or Est Esther
Exod. or Ex Exodus
Ezek. or Ez Ezekiel
Ezra or Ez Ezra
Gen. or Gn  Genesis
Hab. or Hb  Habakkuk
Hag. or Hg  Haggai
Hosea or Hos Hosea
Isa. or Is  Isaiah
Jer. or Jer   Jeremiah
Job or Jb  Job
Joel or Jl  Joel
Jon. or Jon  Jonah
Josh. or Jo  Joshua
Judg. or Jgs  Judges
1 Kings or 1 Kgs  1 Kings
2 Kings or 2 Kgs  2 Kings
Lam. or Lam Lamentations
Lev. or Lev  Leviticus
Mal. or Mal Malachi
Mic. or Mi Micah
Nah. or Na Nahum
Neh. or Neh  Nehemiah
Num. or Nm  Numbers
Obad. or Ob  Obadiah
Prov. or Prv  Proverbs
Ps. (pl. Pss.) or Ps (pl. Pss) Psalms
Ruth or Ru Ruth
1 Sam. or 1 Sm 1 Samuel
2 Sam. or 2 Sm 2 Samuel 
Song of Sol. or Sg  Song of Solomon
Zech. or Zec  Zechariah
Zeph. or Zep Zephaniah


Abbreviations for the New Testament

Acts Acts of the Apostles
Apoc. Apocalypse
Col. or Col Colossians
1 Cor. or 1 Cor 1 Corinthians
2 Cor. or 2 Cor 2 Corinthians
Eph. or Eph Ephesians
Gal. or Gal Galatians
Heb. or Heb Hebrews
James or Jas  James
John or Jn  John (Gospel)
1 John or 1 Jn  1 John (Epistle)
2 John or 2 Jn   2 John (Epistle)
3 John or 3 Jn  3 John (Epistle)
Jude  Jude 
Luke or Lk  Luke 
Mark or Mk  Mark 
Matt. or Mt  Mathew 
1 Pet. or 1 Pt  1 Peter 
2 Pet. or 2 Pt  2 Peter 
Phil. or Phil  Philippians
Philem. or Philm  Philemon
Rev. or Rev  Revelation
Rom. or Rom  Romans
1 Thess. or 1 Thes 1 Thessalonians
2 Thess. or 2 Thes  2 Thessalonians
1 Tim. or 1 Tm 1 Timothy
2 Tim. or 2 Tm 2 Timothy
Titus or Ti Titus
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