How can I customize my text?

Currently, any format changes made to any writing objects will be applied to ALL writing objects in that section (i.e., cover, preliminaries, body, addenda). This keeps your output looking consistent and professional.

The style guide wizard enables you to customize the formatting and save the settings for:

  • paragraph & long quote
  • lists: numbered, unnumbered, and outlined
  • headings 1-5
  • image captions
  • page margins
  • cross-references
  • smart lists: contents, list of images, footnotes & endnote

If you need a specific style for a single object, try customizing 'Heading 5' and use that. Typically, most writing projects don't need 5 levels of heading, so this one is a 'spare', and can be used as you require. 

Contact the Support Desk if you need further assistance.


Version 2

Version 2 of ComWriter is changing the style guide wizard to include the following items that can be customized:

  • paragraphs & quotes:
    • block quote
    • first line indent
    • hanging indent
    • long quote
  • lists:
    • numbered
    • unnumbered
    • outlined
  • headings and titles:
    • numbered headings 1-5
    • unnumbered headings 1-5
    • outlined headings 1-5
    • titles headings 1-5
  • captions:
    • Charts
    • Exhibits
    • Equations
    • Figures
    • Tables
  • global settings:
    • Page margins
    • url links
    • cross-references
  • smart lists:
    • table of contents
    • list of images based on the caption type
    • footnotes & endnote

We have also included: 

  • heading colours
  • lists: offset or wrap

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