Searching the WorldCat library



WorldCat gives you access to over 300 million items in database and over 2 billion library holdings from 73,000 libraries world-wide.


To find articles

1. Click on the research tab

2. 'View' is the default on the navigation pane for this page

3. Your default style guide will display here. 

4. Click the 'Find' button



Next, on the right-hand side of the Research tab, use the drop-lists to filter your search:

5. Database: select Worldcat


6. Enter any search criteria (e.g., title, keywords, author)

7. Click on the green spy glass to activate your search criteria



8. Click on the checkbox next to the item(s) you want to import and then, using the drop lists, 'Add selected to collections or projects' to activate the import

9. Always check the imported data as we cannot guarantee that the data have been imported correctly as it depends on how the publisher provides data to Crossref


About Wordcat

Type of data: physical holdings in participating libraries

  • Books
  • Electronic resources: eBooks, audio books, DVDs, CDs, videos, music



  • Search and retrieve bibliographic data
  • Search by: ISBN, keyword, author, term [similar to a google search]


ComWriter treatment

  • Bibliographic data sourced from WorldCat will be recorded as Source = Hardcopy
  • Data errors can occur because WorldCat does not verify data submitted by participating libraries
  • WARNING: Check all data imported from WorldCat for accuracy before relying on it 

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