Adding a bibliography

A bibliography can be produced by adding a 'Smart List' in the writing editor.


1. On the Project tab, click on the Project Name for the project that you want to edit


2. The writing editor will open in a new window


3. In the writing editor, open the Add menu and select Smart List 


5. A new window will open, Select the type of list you want to include, and also any options (some don't have options)

7. For Images, a list of image formats is available in the options menu, select the image format you require

8. For References, there are three options: (a) cited resources (resources inserted into your project) (b) non-cited resources (e.g., a reading list of resources associated with the project), or (c) a bibliography (all the resources associated with your project)

9. For Endnotes, there are no further options 

10. For Table of Contents, there are no further options (but see Style > Smart List > Table of Contents for some format options)

11. Click Insert and the smart list, with options noted, will be added to the writing editor


12. All changes will be saved automatically, however, you can manually save by clicking the disk icon



  1. When you add resources, make sure you Add to project so they will be included in the bibliography
  2. To preview a smart list, export your project 


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