Inserting a URL Link

1. On the Dashboard, click on the Project Name for the project that you want to edit 


2. The writing editor will open in a new window


3.In the writing editor, open the Insert menu and click on URL Link, a new window will open


4. Search for the resource you require by first clicking on either the Active Projects or a Project name 


5. Enter any resource meta-data (title, author, keywords, web page) and search for the resource you are looking for

6. If the resource isn't showing, you can click through the list to find the one you require

7. Click on the resource you require, and a new window will be displayed. Enter the text you require to be displayed (instead of the URL) and this will be inserted into your writing editor


9. You can click on the link to see what it is, Edit it or Delete it




1. When you add web pages to your Resources, associate them with the Project so you can find them easily



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