Inserting a cross-reference

1. On the Dashboard, click on the Project Name for the project that you want to edit


2. The writing editor will open in a new window


3. In the writing editor, open the Insert menu and click on Cross-reference   


4. A new window will open and a message bar will appear


5. Click on the writing object that you want, to create a cross reference to (e.g., an image, heading, paragraph, etc.), and a Create Cross-Reference message will appear


6. Click Create Cross-Reference and a new window will open


7. The type of object you have selected will show (e.g., image, heading, paragraph, etc.)

a. To include the name of this object click the check-box

b. To include the Location number, click the check-box, then click on the type of location you want to include:

- page number [the actual page number will be added to your cross-reference when you generate output]

- above [this is text only]

- below [this is text only]

8. Add any prefix text, if you require (e.g., see, refer, as noted in)

9. Click Insert when complete

10. In the writing editor, a x-ref link will appear. You can click on this link to see the cross-reference, to Edit it or delete it




1. If you used the location 'above' or 'below' and then you move the object, you might need to change this as it won't automatically figure out the location for you


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