Creating endnote references

1. Insert all references using Insert>Footnote

2. A Footnote icon will be added to the writing editor


3. To include additional references within the same citation (note) use the Add reference button when you click on the footnote icon. All addition references will be appended to the first reference 

4. To add a commentary to references, or a complex pinpoint, add the reference using Insert>Footnote>Add reference  

5. All Ref icons (and footnotes) will be replaced with a note marker when your project is exported 

6. Add a Smart list>Endnotes in the location that you want the endnote list to appear, together with a  heading


7. Select a Style that uses the Note citation style checked in Style>References




  1. For adding commentary to references or complex pinpoints, use Inserting Footnotes
  2. Refs can be converted to in-text citations by changing the citation style in styles>references>citations style 


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