Creating author-date references

1. In the writing editor, open the Insert menu and click on Reference a resource 


2. A new window will open


3. Search for the resource you require by first clicking on either the Active Projects or a Project Name   

4. Enter any resource meta-data (title, author, keywords, resource type) and search for the resource you are looking for

5. If the resource isn't showing, you can click through the entire list to find the resource you require

6. Click on the resource you require, and a new window will open


7. If this is the correct resource, enter additional information, if required:

a. Include author in text, this places the author/s names within the body of the text as opposed to in brackets. When the box is un-checked, the author names appear inside the brackets (see Preview)

b. Pinpoint: use the drop-down list to select either a specific page or page span to include in your citation

8. Click Insert to place your resource as a reference into your text 

9. In the writing editor, hover over the Reference to see the resource you have added. You can Edit this resource, Delete it, or add another resource to be included within the same brackets 


10. Select a Style that uses the in-text citation style checked in Style>References>Citation style  



  1. Refs can be converted to endnote citations by changing the citation style in styles>references>citation style
  2. You cut-and-paste a Ref link to move it  


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