Adding resources to projects

1. Click Resources on the Dashboard


2. A new window opens up


3. Search for the resource/s using relevant meta-data (e.g., author, date, title, keywords, resource type)

4. Select tthe resource/s to add to a project by clicking the resource check-box

5. Using the Add to project drop-down menu, select the relevant  project name

6. To Delete a resource or edit the resource meta-data, click on the settings icon and click on the relevant item in the drop-down box. A new window will open

7. To View all resources associated with a specific project, click on the project name. Resources can be removed from a project by un-checking the box on the drop-down list noted in point 5

8. The resource data will automatically Save and can be used immediately



  1. The number of resources associated with a project is noted in brackets beside the project name (see point 7) and on the Dashboard for the Project

  2. Resources associated with a project can be listed in a Bibliography even if they haven't been inserted (cited) in your writing


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