Adding research material to projects

A project is a group of references that enables you to easily find research material that you have in your bibliography. Favorites: collate your favorite references here 


To manage projects:

1. Click on the research tab

2. 'View' is the default on the navigation pane for this page

3. Your default style guide will display here. 



Next, on the left-hand side of the Research tab, projects and collections are listed:

4. Projects: as added on the projects tab are listed here

5. Collections: that have already been created are listed here

6. + Add a project: you can quickly add a new project here

7. + Add a collection: you can create as many collections as you need



To add a project:

6. Click on + Add project

8. Enter a name for your project (and any other data you require; noting that this data can be edited at any time)

9. Select a style guide to associate with your project (from your list of 'My Style Guides')

10. Click 'Add project' to create the new project (this project will now appear on the 'Projects' tab)



You can now add research material to your project:

11. Select the item from your research material that you want to add to the project

12. Open the drop list of project names

13. Select the name(s) of the project(s) that you wish to add the item to (you can select as many as you like)

14. Click +Add and the item will be added to the project(s) selected



To view your bibliography:

15. On the Research tab, click on the project or collection name and the list of items in that bibliography will be displayed


To remove an item from a project:

15. On the Research tab, click on the project name and the list of items in that project will be displayed

16. Select the item(s) you wish to remove (you can 'select all' if required)

17. After you have selected the item(s) to be removed from the project the red 'Remove from selected project' button will appear. Click this button to start the removal process

18. The selected item(s) will be removed from the project, but they will remain in your research material


To edit project settings:

19. Click on the cog beside the project name and the 'Edit a Project' menu will open

20. Edit what you require, and then click save.

21. To delete a project, return to the 'Projects' tab.




  • You can add a reference to as many projects or collections that you like.
  • Removing an item from a project or collection does not remove it from your research material.
  • Editing the project settings from the 'Projects tab' will also update the project on the 'research' tab.
  • Deleting a project does not delete the items from your research material.


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