Formatting references


1. Click Styles on the Dashboard


2. A new window opens up


3. Select the Style you would like to edit and click on the title


4. A new window opens up and shows all the Style components. Click on the References tab


5. A new window opens up


6. If you want to create a new Style, click Save as new style and enter the name for the new style

7. Select the Citation style you would like to use (Author-date in text or Footnote marker in text)

8. Every resource type/format has a different style. So, the procedure needs to be repeated for every one. Also, resources can have different format procedures related to the number of authors. So the procedure needs to be repeated depending on the number of authors (and type of author: name, organization, none)

9. There are several sections to the reference style, open these sections as is required by the official style guide that you wish to design

10. Using the Meta-data menu, add the relevant data field in the order that you would like it to appear adding any relevant notations (e.g., space, comma, full stops, inverted commas, etc.) between fields

11. Each data field can be formatted using the Format menu (Font, Size, Line, spacing, Bold, Italic, etc.)

12. Click Save Changes



  1. The Footnote marker in text is used for footnote referencing and endnote referencing
  2. The Reference entry section will be used for all smart lists containing references (e.g., Bibliography, Endnotes, References, Table of Authorities)


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