Editing project settings

1. On the Dashboard hover on the right-hand side of the Project box to reveal the Settings icon


2. Click Settings and a new window opens up


3. Modify or enter optional meta-data, as required:

a. Reference data: Select the type of project and the relevant format. Add more reference data as you require. This can also be done at a later date

b. Project Template: Once a project has commenced, the template cannot be changed

c. Style: From the drop down menu, select the project style you would like to use for exporting (printing, emailing) your project

d. Language: Select the relevant language that the spell-checker will use for this project

e. Target body word count: Enter/modify the desired word count for the body of the entire project

f. Due date: Add/modify the date the project is due or you would like to finish it by 

5. Click Save and you will return to the dashboard



1. The optional project meta-data can be added at any time by going to the Dashboard and clicking the Settings button for the project


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