Adding and editing writing objects

1. On the Dashboard, click on the Project Name for the project that you want to edit


2. The writing editor will open in a new window


3. Highlight the label for the writing object that you would like the next object to appear immediately after


4. Open the Add menu to see the range of writing objects that can be added to your outline


5. Select the kind of writing object you would like to add by clicking on the name

6. The writing object will be added to the writing editor immediately following the object highlighted before you clicked on the object name

7. The writing object label can be edited by tapping on the Options menu and selecting Change label (this label will not appear in any output)


8. To add text into a writing object, tap on it to activate the cursor 


9. When the text editing mode and a word or phrase is highlighted, a small menu will appear to allow you to format the highlighted text (bold, italics, underline), or notate (superscript, subscript) the text

10. To hide and open Sections tap on the triangle icon


11. Collapsed sections are indicated by the message 'Section collapsed, click here to expand'


12. All changes will be saved automatically, however, you can manually save by clicking the disk icon



  1. A section cannot be edited, it is a grouping tool to collect objects (e.g., Introduction)
  2. Section labels are useful for identifying major components of a project (e.g., Chapter 1)
  3. To nest sections within sections, make sure you highlight the higher level section before clicking Add new section, otherwise it will be added a level below what you require


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