Adding research material


To add research material:

1. Click on the research tab

2. 'View' is the default on the navigation pane for this page

3. Your default style guide will display here 

4. Click on the 'Add' button and a new page will open


5. Select the required resource Type and the format drop-list for this resource type will appear

6. Select the required resource Format and the meta-data fields will appear for this resource

7. The main title field will appear on the top; enter the data





8a. Descriptors: additional data fields for easy identification. Always add a 'short title' (even if it is a duplicate of the main title), as some academic disciplines utilize this data field (e.g., when an author's name is missing or for subsequent footnotes)

8b. Contributors: names or organizations

    • enter the full name of authors, editors or other contributors; as required (do not add any full stops and click +save for each one)
    • note that an organization will appear exactly as it is written, so if a person has only a surname (e.g., Aristotle, Madonna), then use this data field

8c. Publication identifiers: these are specific data about the resource. Enter as much information as you can as different academic style guides require different data fields. Mandatory fields will show up as errors in your output. 

8d. Source:

    • Hardcopy: for books and journals acquired physically from a library or in your possession
    • Online: for items acquired from the internet (usually via a URL)
    • Database: these will be electronic items acquired from a library database (e.g., proquest)

8e. Notes and attachments; You can add a range of notes or upload a file to attach a file to the resource (e.g., a PDF of a journal article, or an image file)

9. Add the resource to a project(s) or collection(s), as required

10. Click Save and the resource data will be added to your resources



  1. Resources added from one of our databases have meta-data already included
  2. Resources can be added to projects from the 'Research Material' main page


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