Starting a project

1. Click New Project on the Dashboard


2. A new window opens up

3. Enter the name for your project


4.  Enter optional meta-data

a. Project types: Select the type of project and the relevant format as a resource 

b. Template: From the drop down menu, select the project template you would like to use 

c. Style: From the drop down menu, select the project style you would like to use for exporting (printing, emailing) your project

d. Language: Select the relevant language that the spell-checker will use for this project

e. Target body word count: Enter the desired word count for the body of the entire project

f. Due date: Add the date the project is due or you would like to finish it by 

5. Click Start Project and the writing editor will open up

6. To start writing, Add writing objects, then enter your text, before you Insert things 



  1. The optional project meta-data can be added any time by going to the dashboard and clicking Settings for the project


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