Legal reference types

Legal referencing is pretty difficult, but made even more so by the antiquated approaches taken by the current bibliographic tools. Compare the facts (see Table 1):

  1. Judicial material: Endnote has 2 types, Mendeley & Zotero 1, ComWriter has 6
  2. Legislative material: Endnote has 4 types, Mendeley & Zotero 3, ComWriter has 11
  3. International material: Endnote, Mendeley & Zotero have NIL, ComWriter has 2


Table 1: Compare Bibliographic Tools
ComWriter ComWriter Endnote Zotero, Mendeley
Judicial material Arbitration    
Judicial material Legal case Case Case
Judicial material Procedure, direction or note    
Judicial material Submission to case Submission  
Judicial material Transcript of proceedings    
Judicial material Unreported decision    
Legislative material Bill Bill Bill
Legislative material Committee report    
Legislative material Constitution    
Legislative material Debate    
Legislative material Delegated Legislation    
Legislative material Evidence to committee or hearing Hearing Hearing
Legislative material Explanatory statement or note    
Legislative material Gazette    
Legislative material Order or rule Legal Rule or Regulation  
Legislative material Rule of non-government entity    
Legislative material Statute Statute Statute
International material Treaty    
International material UN official document    
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