Referencing Images

When you Add an image into your writing project, if it is not an image you have created yourself, you need to provide a reference for it to indicate the source for the image. After you choose the image, click the image icon, and you will see a button for 'Add Legend'. A legend is a footnote specifically for images.

  • Click 'Add legend'
  • Add any text, for example, "Adapted from " or "Source: " (remember to leave a space after your text) otherwise the reference will butt up to the last word)
  • Then click 'Add reference': select the book, journal article or magazine article, etc. from which you sourced the image. Remember to add the pinpoint; i.e., the exact page number where the image is located in your source (book, journal or magazine, etc.).
  • Note: some reference styles (e.g., Vancouver) require the reference to include some information about the image: e.g., 'Table N; Table title; p. NN' (i.e., Vancouver want the Table or Figure number, the original image Title from your source (book, journal or magazine) as well as the page number of where the image is located). Add this data manually after you insert the reference like this:
      • Adapted from (ref) Figure n; Title; p. nn.
      • Note that the (ref) will include a full stop

It is also wise to include all information about images in the image record in our Research Material. That is, when you add your image into your Research Material, fill out the resource form with as much data as possible. That way, you will always have any information you require at a later date.


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