Resources frequently used by undergraduate students

All resources are categorised by Resource type and Resource format: 

  • Article:
    • Student essay or paper (i.e., assignments)
    • Magazine article (e.g., The Times is a magazine)
    • Newspaper article
  • Book:
    • Edited book (textbooks are often edited books, and the term 'editor' will appear with the names)
    • Authored book (usually written by one or two people)
  • Journal material:
    • Journal article (often from library databases or perhaps given to you in a the form of a 'reader' from your teacher)
  • Internet material
    • Web or wiki page
    • Blog, forum or social media post
  • Communication
    • Lecture, seminar, speech or debate
  • Images
    • Tables
    • Figures
  • Video or audio
    • Podcast or webinar
    • Video
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