Working with footnotes

Footnotes can be inserted into any paragraph, long quote or list. References can also be added into footnotes. 

  • A single footnote is a maximum of 1000 characters. If you are using 10pt font, this is around 10 lines of text.
  • If there is a lot of footnotes in a short amount of text, the minimum text that will be displayed on a page is 5 lines. 
  • Footnotes can be changed to an Endnote list by adding a (+) Smart List > Endnotes

Styling Footnotes:

  • To format your footnotes and select the footnote numbering (or symbol) go to Style > Smart List >Footnotes
  • To format any references in a footnote, go to Style > References > References in Footnote to review the Style for every Resource Type & Format

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