Working with lists

There are three types of lists you can choose from: Numbered, Bulleted, Outlined. When you Add a List, select one of these three types.

  • Hit enter and a new list item appears
  • Tab to indent a list item
  • Hit enter several times to Outdent (go back)
  • A list can have as many levels as you like, but the Style is limited to five levels. Any list levels beyond five will be formatted as if it is a level five item. So, it is best to restrict your lit to five levels
  • Best practice is a minimum of two items per level


Styling a List

To Style your lists, go to Style > Body > Lists to select the numbering style you wish to apply.

  • This Style will apply to all lists (of each type) within a single project
  • Every list level can be formatted different (e.g., font and size)
  • All three list types can be formatted different (e.g., font and size)


Tips & Tricks

  • If you want to use a list with no numbering, simple select the List you wish to use and set the numbering to None. This creates a blank list. A blank list is useful for adding a paragraph with small font (e.g., to use in preliminaries) or for IT people that wish to add code snippets into their project. Remember that every list of this type will be formatted exactly the same. 


See User Guide:

  • Adding a List


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