Working with smart lists

A smart list is an automatically generated listing. There are several types of lists:

  • Table of Contents : a list of headings
  • List of images (e.g., tables, Figures, exhibited, Charts, etc.)
  • References, including:
    1. Cited resources (references you have inserted into your project)
    2. Non-cited resources (e.g., a reading list)
    3. Bibliography (a list of all resources associated with the project)
  • Endnotes (a list of all footnotes you have inserted into your project)



  • To preview a smart list, export the project
  • Remember to add resources to your project:
    • make sit easier to find them when you insert them
    • this is necessary to produce a list of Non-cited resources and a Bibliography


See Also

  • Style > Smart Lists 
  • Working with resources


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