How do I log in?

To Log into ComWriter you need an active browser (Google Chrome, Apple Safari, or Firefox are recommended).

  1. Click LOG IN on the ComWriter home page
  2. Click the Registration link on the bottom of the Sign up page
  3. Fill in your details and click the CREATE MY ACCOUNT button. You will be sent an email to verify you email address. 
  4. Return to the ComWriter home page and click LOG IN
  5. ENTER your username and password
  6. Click LOG IN


If you can't find your verification email:

  1. Check your spam folder, as it sometimes goes there
  2. Log on using your Facebook account, and your email address will be authenticated via Facebook
  3. Try Signing Up again, you may have entered the email address incorrectly
  4. If you still can't get access, contact the Support desk to manually activate your account:


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