Adding Appendices to a project

Use the Addenda to create Appendices:

Style your headings as follows:

  • Heading 1: style this the same as chapter headings in the body (but omit the {HeadingNumber}) and use this for:
    • Bibliography
    • Glossary
    • Appendices (main heading)
  • Heading 2: Appendix {HeadingNumber}: {Heading}
    • Select the relevant heading number; e.g. A,B,C or I,II,III
    • Change the colon to a dash if you prefer
  • Heading 3: format this the same as any Sub-heading in the body
  • Heading 4: format this the same as any Sub--sub-heading in the body
  • Heading 5: format this the same as any Sub--sub-sub--heading in the body

Note: you need to keep your Table of Contents in mind when setting this up, so that Appendices (main heading) comes out at the same level as chapter headings, and Appendix A, etc, comes out with sub-headings. For example, if a Chapter Heading is at Heading2, then APPENDICES also needs to be at Heading2


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