Bookmarking a 'required' reference

It is not unusual to know you require a reference to support a statement, but you don't actually have the resource just yet. To create a bookmark for a 'required' resource, simply add a 'blank' or 'dummy' resource as follows:

  • Go to Resources
  • Add a Resource of any type and format
  • Add the title 'Blank resource', or any other name you so choose (e.g., Required resource, Dummy resource)
  • Insert a Reference as normal:
    • Search for 'blank' resource (or the name you chose)
    • Click on the resource
    • Click Insert 
    • A Ref marker will be added to your text
The advantage of adding a 'blank' or 'dummy' reference is that it leaves the Ref marker exactly where you want it, which makes it easy to change. 

To change the resource:
  • Click on the Ref marker to see that it is a your 'blank' resource
  • Click Edit
  • Click << Back, this takes you back to your list of resources so you can search for the replacement resource
  • Select the desired resource
  • Enter any required pinpoint data
  • Click Insert and the Blank resource will be replaced


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