Export to Microsoft Word

The Export to MS Word has been provided for those users that are required to submit their work in this form, as requested by teachers, supervisors and/or editors.

Editing in MS Word, after export, is not effective because:

  • all text is recorded as 'Normal' style; rather than, say, Heading1 and Paragraph. 
  • any alteration that moves footnotes, which are contained as text (not an active element), will not move correctly; i.e., they will not be repositioned to the end of the next page, but can end up lodged within a page if further spaces/breaks are added
  • contents pages will not update, nor will image captions
  • some symbols may not appear correct, and these need to be reviewed

Minor editing, such as spelling changes, line wrapping change, and changes to symbols, generally speaking, will not affect overall presentation



  • We recommend that ALL formatting and styling issues be dealt with in ComWriter and that you check your formatting by exporting your project to PDF. If the PDF appearance is acceptable, then the Word output will look very similar. 
  • Minor amendments, e.g, to a reference that may require amending, should not alter the overall appearance in Word. Please advise the Support Desk about any reference amendments so we can attempt to resolve them within ComWriter in the future.
  • If any headings need to move, because the page break is in the wrong place, add a blank paragraph in ComWriter to move the Heading to the next page


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