Conference Material


Conference material includes both live presentations and printed matter. Conference material is, generally speaking, academic in nature. Faculty and students present preliminary findings of their research work at conferences to solicit feedback before seeking to formally publish.


Mandatory data

  • Titles (two for each format)
  • Contributor (see below)
  • Publication identifiers:
    • Year published
    • Date accessed (if sourced online or from a database)
    • Pages from / to
  • Source (see below)



The people (or organizations) that have written the piece of work. 

  • Author
  • Editor
  • Chair (or Host)
  • Presenter
  • Translator

If you do not know a contributor's name you should leave it blank. 


Format Description Format-specific  data
Conference presentation A presentation made in person by one or more individuals at a conference.
  • Contributor = Chair or Host
  • Contributor = Presenter
  • Type of presentation (select from drop list)
  • Conference start date
  • Presentation date
Conference proceedings A printed collection of abstracts, papers and other material presented at a conference.
  • Contributor = Editor
  • Year published
  • Conference year
  • Publisher
  • Place of publication (add Country, City)
Section in conference proceedings A specific section in the printed conference proceedings (e.g., an abstract or article).
  • Contributor = Author of the section
  • Contributor = Editor of the proceedings
  • Publisher
  • Place of publication (add Country, City)
Symposium or seminar presentation A presentation made in person at a special event (other than a conference) by one or more individuals.
  • Contributor = Chair or Host
  • Contributor = Presenter
  • Type of presentation (select from drop list)
  • Symposium start date
  • Presentation date


Mandatory data; if available

See the table for other data that are required for each format.

  • Publication identifiers
    • Volume or Issue *

 * A conference can have a volume only, a volume and issue, or it might have a volume name (e.g., July or Spring)


Optional data

This data is always wise to enter:

  • Descriptors:
    • Short title (as an alternative to the main name)
    • Conference title, location and theme (if available)
  • Publication identifiers:
    • Format (if obtained online or from a database)
  • Notes:
    • Abstract (if available)

All other data fields are optional, but it is always wise to add as much as you can at the time you first add the reference as it can often be difficult to find the data at a later date.



Where someone can find a copy of the item.

  • Hardcopy (softcover or hardcover) usually found in a library. 
  • Online; that is, it can be acquired online. Include this data:
    • Url location (add the full address starting with http://)
    • Website name and owner
    • Add the Doi, if available
  • Database (ie., downloaded); that is, it can be acquired from a database. Include this data:
    • Database name
    • Database provider
    • Database identifier (i.e., a number associated with the article)


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