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ComWriter – the name

Trying to come up with a unique product name is very difficult, especially for a writing product. We played around with all sorts of ideas, even translating words into Latin! But, compose and writing tended to stick. Writing is, essentially, a composition. It might be an old-fashioned word, but it says a lot about the activity and the artistry that goes into writing.

Compose+Writing = ComWriter


Composeright – the company

Why a separate company name you ask? A good question, and, at the time, we thought it a good idea. While it has made it a tad confusing, we have decided to stick with it: who knows what the future may bring in terms of new products?

Hence, the sub-text “compose right with comwriter”


Pinpoint – the logo


Our designer came up with the logo after discussions with Linda about her aims and objectives for ComWriter. We tested a few options using 99Designs and the pinpoint won out. We love it, for us it symbolises:

  • A question : critical to research activity
  • The point : this all started with Linda using PREP with her students (see PREP Your Paragraph: Point, Reason, Example, Point)
  • The eyeglass : Academic writing is about publishing one’s research and research is all about investigation

ComWriter® and Composeright® are registered trademarks used under license by Composeright Pty Ltd.


© Composeright Pty Ltd, 2017

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