Deleteing research material

 Reference data can be imported as a single record or in bulk from many sources. The file types we accept are:

  • endnote xml (from endnote and most library databases)
  • ris (from zotero, medleley, refworks, google scholar, and most library databases)

The .ris file is the most reliable. 


To delet research data:

1. Click on the research tab

2. 'View' is the default on the navigation pane for this page

3. Your default style guide will display here


 4. Search for the item you wish to delete and click on the trashcan on the right-hand side. To delete multiple items, use the select check mark next to the resources and click on the trash can beside the select buttons.


  4. A message will appear asking you to confirm that you wish to delete the item(s)



  • Deleted items generally cannot be retrieved.


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