Importing research material

Reference data can be imported as a single record or in bulk from many sources. The file types we accept are:

  • endnote xml (from endnote and most library databases)
  • ris (from zotero, medleley, refworks, google scholar, and most library databases)

The .ris file is the most reliable. 


To import research data:

1. Click on the research tab

2. 'View' is the default on the navigation pane for this page

3. Your default style guide will display here. 

4. Click on the 'Import' button and import page will open



When the 'Import Resources' page opens: 

5. Select the source of your data

6. Select the file type

7. Decide if you want the data added to a project or collection, by clicking the relevant radio button and selecting the relevant project name or collection name. The default is to add to the collection 'Recently imported'. If you wish to simply 'add to research material' in general, then ensure that both the Project and Collection check marks are unticked. 

8. Drag and drop the file onto the 'File to import' box or select the 'Upload File button to select the file name from your finder

9. If you wish to also import Pdf documents with the reference records you can add the files to the attachments. Note that the attachment file name must be contained in the data file. Generally, when you export data from a bibliographic tool, there is an option to export the attachments as well. This will ensure that the data names are correct.

10. When all files have been added, click on the 'Import Resources' button to commence the upload process


Things to note:

  • If the upload has been successful, a message will appear advising how may records were added to your research material.
  • If there is an import errors, the entire file will be rejected. This provides you with the opportunity to fix the data in your source program first and then import a clean file
  • DO NOT RE-IMPORT THE FILE; this will cause duplicates; i.e., we do not check for duplicates


For more information see:

  • Importing research material using EndNote XML file type




  • You can search your research material using 'endnote', 'zotero', 'mendeley', 'papers', 'WOK' and the resources that have come from this source will be displayed as we store 'source' as system-source data on each record.


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